Guidance phone number - 207-439-5849

2017-18 School Profile

If you have specific questions in terms of your schedule please contact the Traip Academy Guidance office at 439-1121 x105. To speak directly with your guidance counselor, students with a last name starting with A-0 email Mr. Kiernan at and last name starting with P-Z email Mrs. Westervelt at

Newsletters (updated June 1, 2018

FAME paying for college

2018-19 College Planning Guide

College Application Process

"Who is responsible for what junior year?"

"Who is responsible for what senior year?"

Senior Transcript Release Form

Alumni Transcript Release Form

Seniors applying for college, don't forget to file the FAFSA. If you have questions or need more information, come see us in the guidance office.

Information on the SAT

Here's what to think about if you don't plan to go to college right after high school.

Financial Aid Primer

College Advice from Bridges Transitions Inc.

College Representative Visits

National & State Scholarships

Local Scholarships

Free College Scholarship Search & Financial Aid Information -, where you’ll find the image and text links you’ll need in order to go in the right direction when looking for money for college.