RW Traip Academy Land Acknowledgement:

At the mouth of Peskategwa, R.W Traip Academy is located on N’dakinna, which is the traditional ancestral homeland of the Abenaki, Pennacook and Wabanaki peoples past and present. We acknowledge and honor with gratitude the land and waterways and the aln8bak [all-nawm-bock] (human beings) who have stewarded N’dakinna throughout the generations, affirming that there are Native people in Maine and the wider Wabanaki homeland today and that their story has continued for more than 12,000 years.

*The Land Acknowledgement uses some Abenaki (a dialect of the Algonquian language family).

WHAT is a Land Acknowledgement?

A statement that recognizes and respects that Indigenous people are the original stewards of the land we live on. It addresses that there is a continuity of Indigenous presence and culture in the past, present, and into the future.

WHY is this important?

Land Acknowledgements are an important first step to help fight the erasure of Indigenous people past, present, and into the future.

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