Dear families,

Will your student be relying on school bus transportation beginning on Monday August 30th? If the answer is 'no', you may stop reading this email and delete!

You may have noticed that the 2021-22 Kittery school bus routing schedules are now posted on all district websites. I will fully admit that they are somewhat difficult to read and follow.

Furthermore in spite of our best efforts, they are likely to change during the first few weeks of school. Why? Even today, we had many new families register in our schools. That is great news, but it does impact those school bus route schedules.

A more efficient way to determine your student's bus route schedule involves the use of the Traversa Ride 360 app (IMPORTANT! You are receiving this message for each of your enrolled students with each of their unique Student Numbers).

Attached to this message are simple instructions, and I've included your student's unique Student Number.

By accessing the Traversa Ride 360 information, you will have up-to-date bus transportation information about your student(s).

As the route schedules change, the information in Traversa Ride 360 changes instantly.

Questions? Please email our data management specialist Nancy Embry by email:

We look forward to seeing our students on Monday!

Eric Waddell

Superintendent of Schools


Thank you all, always!

Please Read Traversa Flyer Here